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Hitman, an unusual name that has become insanely household because of scientific innovation, quality product and lots of hard work. With an expert glass artist (Steve Bates) creating new percs and defying what we know as glass at every turn, you can rest assured that a Hitman is designed to do just that, HIT MAN!!!
Brilliance perc w/ fixed male 90 degree downstem, custom Ben Wilson blown in screen bowl.
Brilliance perculator w/ fixed male 90 degree downstem
Functional art with an emphasis on "functional".  These crazy unique percolators are like no others, no restrictions, yet unsurpassed filtration, a winning combination.  Hitman water pipes are blown solid, build with accuracy and ingenuity.  Hitman glass waterpipes are favorites with many glass collectors for there uniqueness, quality, filtration, and limited numbers. Few shops or online shops carry Hitman glass pipes, Check out this link to a great gallery of Hitman Tubes.